What Makes a Good Web Design?

In this day and age, a well designed website with great content that is also eye-catching is crucial to a company’s success. potential customers will often make a judgement about a business within seconds of landing on its website, so it is important to make sure your web design is up to par. Here are a few principles of good web design that should be taken into consideration:


When it comes to web design, the number one focus should be the usability of the webpage you are designing. The success can come down to simply how usable the web page is. There are a few key things to remember when it comes to usability:

– Keep it simple: Don’t try to include too much on one page. The user should be able to find what they are looking for without difficulty.

– Place important elements in easily accessible locations: Make sure the most important buttons and information are easily available.

Be Clear

When visitors find themselves on the first page of your website, the information you are trying to convey should be clear and should be able to allow the visitor to understand what you’re all about. It should be intuitive so that they can quickly grasp the company’s message and what it is selling. If there are too many questions for the visitor and makes it difficult to comprehend, most likely they will move on and find answers elsewhere.

Keep Requirements to a Minimum

When offering visitors a tool or service where visitor input is required, the key is to keep the requirements minimal. There is only so much patience a visitor will invest before finding alternative solutions. Requiring visitors to fill in long web forms or provide personal information for something they may or may not find useful long term only makes them doubt continuing in the first place. A great example of keeping requirements minimal is furniture movers Movingle.co.nz allows visitors to find Wellington movers and begins their web form with simply requesting the type of job, pickup suburb and drop off suburb. This is adequately engaging for users to feel comfortable to continue the process without being obligated to fill in personal information.


The layout of your web page is another important factor to consider when it comes to web design. Your web designer should be able to create an aesthetically pleasing layout while ensuring that all the necessary information is easy to find. Part of the strategic benefits of having a great layout is to engage and capture the visitors attention as long as possible. To do this your web designer may choose to incorporate a combination of images, videos and bold text to enhance the design, much like Spinx.

Engaging Features

Sites that combine visual engaging features that are easy to understand can help influence the visitor and guide them through site content. Vehiclemove uses large visual images along with simple and appealing 3 step guidelines to explain the process to get services for car transport.

Make Use of Impact Content

The use of impact content refers to content that has high authority and is trusted. An example of this may be references to reputable mentions, endorsements from well-known brands or even published Google reviews that help promote your site. Findamover uses reputable Google reviews as impact content on their site to endorse their rubbish removals service. Visitors can instantly recognize the colourful Google logo continue to explore the text along with it.